sonic-thespacehog asked: If you could help me, that would be lovely. I'm a university student and I study so much that my back/neck pain is getting unbearable. I was wondering if yoga classes help with that (and teach me better posture)? And also is there a certain kind of yoga I should look for? Thank you! :)

Hey Sonic! Hmm, Dare I say stop studying??

FIRST: YOGA WILL HELP! I suggest a Vinyasa Flow or Bikram Style first. (Consult with Doc before)

SECOND: Look at your body alignment while you are in studying mode. Are you slouching? Is your head constantly bent in an unusual position? Are you eating unhealthy foods while studying. Do you have poor sleeping patterns? All of these factors contribute to your physical health.

THIRD: Create a Self Care Ritual. Maybe every saturday morning from 10am-12pm you take a hot bath, attend a yoga class or practice deep breathing. 

FOURTH: Stop putting your books first & your body last. Give your  body the same love that you give the books. Make time for yourself. You are worth it!!